Whiteriver Composite Decking

Whiteriver Composite Decking

Composite decking offers you a modern alternative to traditional softwood and hardwood decking. Composite is made from recycled wood fibres, HDPE and additives. Whiteriver composite has the look of wood but with a much more durable finish.

Why choose Composite ?

Whiteriver composite decking offers you a stylish finish. It is durable and easier to keep compared to traditional wood/hardwood decking. The decking requires no sealer or stain after fitting. The deck can be maintained by regular washing.

Types of decking.

Our composite decking range offers you a wide selection of colours and designs. There are three colours available in our Portland collection. While there are five colours available in the Ultrashield collection. All the decks are reversible which gives two different profile finishes for each deck board. Nevada solid plank can provide a solution for commercial projects.


Installation is key to having a successful composite decking area. We recommend that you read these full instructions before you start. https://www.wrg.ie/product-category/products/composite-decking/

Key points to consider before you start.

  • Substructure must be properly sized and supported.
  • provision must be made for ventilation to enter under the deck.
  • A fall along the length of the deck boards is very important which ensures the deck boards drain easily. Do not install your deck flat.

We wish you the very best in choosing and building your deck. If we can be of any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 4691700.

View the full range here https://www.wrg.ie/product-category/products/composite-decking/ultrashield/

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