Multi Fuel & Solid Fuel Stoves – Save on Fuel Bills!

Cork Builders Providers are Cork’s leading experts on supplying multi-fuel stoves. From the leading manufacturers including Henley, Blacksmith, Anvil & Grafton etc. You can reduce your home fuel bill with a cost-efficient multi fuel system, using a choice of eco-friendly energy sources. Such as coal, peat, wood and logs, wood pellets, or even biomass products. Multi fuel stoves, also known as solid fuel stoves, burn the fuel on a riddling grate. Which allows air to circulate all around the fuel and maximise the heat output.

We stock a wide range of styles to suit any home interior. From traditional cast-iron to modern designer styles. Many of the multi fuel systems that we supply include Airwash technology and clean-burn innovations. This helps to minimise emissions and reduce maintenance costs and servicing times. For more information please contact one of our experienced team on (021) 4961 700.

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